TSLAUCAY 10.25“ Android 4G Model 3/Y Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen

Car Model (Car Cpu Version):  Model 3 (Intel Atom)
Forward Blind Spot Camera:  Yes
Screen Ram:  4+64GB


  • Notes

This product requires some installation capability, it is recommended to watch the Youtube installation video carefully before installing it, or go to a professional installation shop. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support first.

  • Car Model:

      Model 3 2016+,Model Y 2020+

  • Functions and Features:
  1. Supports Apple wireless CarPlay and wired/wireless Android Auto
  2. Support 4G SIM card
  3. Support OTA online upgrade
  4. Support Smart Phone Screen Projection
  5. Support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection
  6. Support Voice Assistant
  7. Support Forward blind spot camera (Optional)
  • Customer Service Inquiry:

Email: info@tslaucay.com

Whatsapp: +86 19989695600