TSLAUCAY 4.6" Model 3/Y Rear Climate & Music Control Screen

Car Model (Interface):  Model 3 2017-2019.02 (Type A)


  • Notes

This product requires some installation capability, it is recommended to watch the Youtube installation video carefully before installing it, or go to a professional installation shop. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support first.

For Model 3  2017-2019/02:rear vent plug - 20pin (Type-A)
For Model 3 2019/03-2020  :rear vent plug -  26pin (Type-A)
For  Model 3 2021+ / Model Y : rear vent plug - 26pin (Type-C)
If you are not sure, please remove the air outlet cover and check the plug

  • Car Model:

      Model 3 2016+,Model Y 2020+

  • Functions and Features:
  1. OEM Design:This Hansshow Model 3 Y rear touchscreenhas an original factory-style design that perfectly matches the original rear AC vent shape.
  2. Rear Touch screen Feature:It is equipped with front and rear AC adjustment functions, rearseat heating separate adjustment function, camping mode, music control, and other functions.
  3. Free Driver Hands: With Hansshow Model 3/Y Rear Climate & Music Control Screen, the rear passengers can easily control the climate, and music in the rear seat without the help of the front passengers.
  4. Simple Operate: When camping, you can lie down in the car to control the climate and musicon this rear display screen, which is simple and fast.
  5. The rear screen currently DO NOT support Model Y Standard Range delivered in USA after February 2023
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Email: info@tslaucay.com

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