TSLAUCAY Model 3 Power Trunk and Frunk

Power Frunk:  2017-2020
Power Trunk:  2017-2019/02
Trunk Kick Sensor:  2017-2020


  • Notes

This product requires some installation capability, it is recommended to watch the Youtube installation video carefully before installing it, or go to a professional installation shop. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support first.

  • Car Model:

      Model 3 2017+

  • Functions and Features:
  1. Open and close through multiple control methods,dashboard touch screen,model 3 key fob,smartphone/smartwatch (official Tesla App/Siri assistant),foot sensor (optional): Trunk only,tailgate / frunk button.
  2. Tailgate kick sensor with gear detection function, the original tailgate has no gear detection.This new version will only open the tailgate with kick sensor in P gear, The tailgate cannot be operated when the kick sensor is in the protection state in N/R/D gear, N. D. R gear can be opened according to the original manual buckle.
  3. Tailgate kick sensor with car washing protection function,Equipped with a wireless remote control. In the car washing mode, press the lock button of the remote control to cut off the kick sensor. After the car washing, press the unlock button to start, so as to prevent the tailgate from mistakenly opening due to the kick of the water gun in the car washing state.
  • Customer Service Inquiry:

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Whatsapp: +86 19989695600