TSLAUCAY Model 3/Y Auto Presenting Doors

Car Model:  Model 3
Auto Presenting Door:  Front left door


  • Notes

1.This product requires some installation capability, it is recommended to watch the Youtube installation video carefully before installing it, or go to a professional installation shop. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support first.

2.Adjustment mode: long press the key button for 3S, and the door opening angle will be set successfully after hearing a prompt tone.

  • Car Model:

      Model 3 2017+,Model Y 2020+

  • Functions and Features:
  1. –Mobile App control to open the door
  2. Use the key card to open and close the door
  3. Step on the brake to close the door
  4. Press the door handle to open and close the door
  5. Press the door panel button to open and close the door
  6. Use the remote key to open the door
  7. Gently push the door to close the door
  8. Press the added button to open and close the door
  9. The opening angle can be adjusted

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