TSLAUCAY Model 3/Y LED illuminated Welcome Pedal Door Sill Protector

Car Model:  Model 3
Door Sill Shell Style:  Black


    • Car Model:

          Model 3 2016+,Model Y 2020+

    • Functions and Features:
    1. Non-Destructive Installation,The Led Door Sill Pro can be fixed by double-sided adhesive. No drilling, no wiring, no damage to your car, easy and secure installation.
    2. LED illuminated Door Sill,Each door sill is equipped with a led illuminated magnetic control switch,It is powered by batteries and only lights up when the door is opened. It has a service life of up to three years and is the best choice for Tesla accessories decorations.
    3. Waterproof and Wear-Resistant,Tesplus welcome pedal is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy to clean, no matter it is dust or dirt, just wipe the surface lightly and it will become new. The high-definition car welcome light is also made of waterproof material to meet the waterproof function of your daily car.
    • Customer Service Inquiry:

    Email: info@tslaucay.com

    Whatsapp: +86 19989695600