TSLAUCAY Model 3/Y X-Treme Tail Lights

Lhr/Rhd:  Left Hand Drive
Car Model:  Model 3 3pin plug (2017-2020)
Car Cpu Version:  Intel Atom


  • Notes

This product requires some installation capability, it is recommended to watch the Youtube installation video carefully before installing it, or go to a professional installation shop. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support first.

  • Car Model:

      Model 3 2016+,Model Y 2020+

  • Functions and Features:
  1. Waterproof & Dust proof,the light pass the IP67 test,waterproof and dust-proof.Built in LED chips,enhance visibility during night time, heavy rain snow or dense fog.Safe driving in any weather.
  2. Four Light Modes,Tesla Led rear light have four light modes when driving.Add sense of Movement to your Tesla①The width indicator light has the dynamic scanning light effect of breathing②Brake LED light has a highlight reminder③Turn signal has a progressive streamer effect④Reversing vehicle has an LED safety reversing light warning.
  • Customer Service Inquiry:

Email: info@tslaucay.com

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