TSLAUCAY Model Y Retractable Foldable Honeycomb Roof Sunshade

Car Model:  Model Y


  • Car Model:

     Model Y 2020+

  • Functions and Features:
  1. ✅【Retractable Full Coverage Sunshade】Retractable Glass Roof Sunshade is all-round upgrade from the traditional roof model y sunshades. With FullShade, changing your roof into a moonroof become possible. Unlike fabric sun shades, FullShade allows users to open or close anywhere and anytime.
  2. ✅【Double Heat insulation technology】The newly upgraded double-layer honeycomb structure fabric is made of PET molecular material combined with aluminum foil. Together, they make the curtain strong and stable, achieving 100% sunlight blocking out and 85% less heat transfer.
  3. ✅【Retractable Function】You can turn retractable sunshade on or off and decide how much sunlight to let in. This will no longer be an all or nothing game! Slide it off and enjoy a cool ride on a hot summer day. Slide it open to watch the starry night.
  4. ✅【Non-Destructive Installation】 FullShade integrates into the 2019-2023 Tesla model Y roof perfectly with a nice appearance and a perfect fit. The frame body is curved to match the roof shape, so it does not sag like traditional fabric shades; it won't make any noises when driving.
  5. ✅【Installation Warranty】TSLAUCAY model Y sunroof sunshade has good after sales service, If product is broken during shipping or normal use within 90 days, please contact us.
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